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Karbone Wallet

RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet


Today most transactions are contact-less and this means we carry more and more credit cards, debit cards, store cards, and ID cards.

The original solution was to keep them in bi-fold wallets and this had its place when we had to carry around money, cards alongside old receipts. Leaving it too bulk to comfortably fit in your pocket.

The Karbone Wallet is the modern solution to help streamline your needs.

The Karbone Wallet keeps all of your necessary cards safe and accessible ready for when you need them.

Try the Karbone Wallet today for modern-day living.

karbone Wallet

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RFID Blocking

Identity theft continues to be a major force to contend with, so you can feel completely safe knowing that the Karbone Wallet has RIFD (radio-frequency identification) blocking technology.

This means your identity and private information is completely safe from scanning devices.

Large Capacity

The Karbone Wallet is not only stylish and functional but it is also up to the job. It can hold up to 12 cards as well as 9 receipts.

Imagine a slimline solution that not only looks great but is practical enough to keep your driver’s licence, credit cards and club memberships cards safe.

Its cleverly designed cut-away means you can access your cards easily and conveniently whenever you need. No longer do you need to drag everything out in search of the one you need; a flick of the thumb is all you need.

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Top Quality

The Karbone is a simple, stylish wallet made from a durable carbon fiber outer case. Its anti-scratch treatment means it will weather even the toughest handling.


The Karbone Wallet is created with everyday living in mind. It is stylish, minimalistic and designed to help streamline your life.

This allows you to get on with your daily life feeling less encumbered and feeling safe and secure.

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Lightweight, Slim and Minimalistic

The Karbone Wallet is so slim you can keep it in your front pocket. This makes it safer for you to carry and because it is so slim it is less invasive and bulky. It is also much safer from the prying fingers of pick-pockets.

What are you
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Try our Karbone Wallet for modern living today.
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1x Karbone Wallet

$ 49
  • Free Shipping
  • RFID Blocking
  • Slim & Minimalist

2x Karbone Wallet

$89.90 (10% OFF)
$ 44
  • Free Shipping
  • RFID Blocking
  • Slim & Minimalist
Best Value

3x Karbone Wallet

$122.85 (18% OFF)
$ 40
  • Free Shipping
  • RFID Blocking
  • Slim & Minimalist


Most frequent questions and answers
The Karbone Wallet can hold up 12 cards without stretching.
The cards sit tightly but they do not rub or scratch each other.

Yes, You can.

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Customers reviews

It is robust and secure. The electronic protection system works properly.
Terrence Fortier - Karbone Wallet - Carbon Fiber Wallet
Terrence Fortier
Employee relations manager
Very good material just as described. And fast shipping as well. I am very satisfied.
Brandon Harrison - Karbone Wallet - Carbon Fiber Wallet
Brandon Harrison
Ticket agent
My 3rd card holder that I have ordered and I'm very happy!
David Daniel - Karbone Wallet - Carbon Fiber Wallet
David Daniell
Production assistant
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